Comedy Improv Show


What? Family Improv Comedy Show

What time? 5PM, Saturday August 24th

Where? The Cookery Theatre, Harrogate Food & Drink Festival

Get ready for a dose of top-notch laughs at “The Discount Comedy Checkout: Improvised Family Show” at our Food Festival! Join us at 5pm in the Cookery Theatre tent for an evening where anything can happen. This award-winning improv troupe, started by Chris Lumb in 2007 after training at The Second City, will take your kids’ zaniest ideas and spin them into comedy gold right before your eyes.

With Chris Lumb, Phil Allan-Smith, Eddie French, Natalie Smeaton, and Terri Shaw leading the charge, expect a show that’s entirely unscripted, unpredictable, and unmissable. Kids get to throw in their two pence by suggesting scenes and jumping into games, or even taking the mic to challenge our performers with their own stories.

There’s no script, no safety net, just pure improvisation and plenty of laughs. Perfect for families looking for something a bit different. So, grab your lot and head down – let’s see what your imagination can cook up!