Vegan Food


No problem, we ensure a range of hot Vegan food available for you at Harrogate Food & Drink Festival . Smell the aromas before tucking into Vegan specials from all corners of the globe.

Our Artisan market traders have a variety of Vegan products on sale, from Jams, Biscuits and Cakes, to Beers.

Many Street Food Vendors have Vegan special’s on. Here are some of our previous food vendors options:


Spud’s and Bro’s

Spud’s and Bro’s will be bringing their poutine specials and their vegan special will be:

‘Whatcha Talkin’ Bout Poutine’ – Pulled jackfruit smothered in a hearty vegan BBQ sauce, vegan cheese and vegan gravy.


Yu Donut

Yu Donut will be bringing Asian style savoury donuts (alongside sweet donuts) and will be bringing along a range of vegan sides their vegan specials will be:

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Vegetable Gyoza

Vegan Sharing Box – Char Sui seitan, spring rolls, gyoza and salt and pepper fries.


The Greedy Greek Deli

The Greedy Greek Deli will be bringing traditional Greek food and their vegan specials will be:

Spanakorizo – Spinach and rice

Butter beans in a tomato and dill sauce

Lemon Artichokes and plenty of Falafel


Roti Rola

Roti Rola will be bringing their staple Indian bread (which features heavily in Indian street food) and their vegan specials will be:

Aloo Gobi – Potato and cauliflower

Sweet Potato and Chickpea


Tastes of Transylvania

Tastes of Transylvania will be bringing a fusion of Hungarian and Romanian food, and their vegan special will be:

Chimney Cakes – Any with sugar, cinnamon, coconut, sprinkles or walnuts.


The Red Chilli

The Red Chilli serve authentic Chinese food and their vegan specials will be:

Veggie Chicken Skewer with Satay Sauce

Salt and Pepper Beancurd (Tofu)

Salt and Pepper Chips

Crispy Seaweed

Smashed Cucumber Salad


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